With over 7,500 sq. ft., the Stars & Stripes Museum/Library includes current and past copies of the Stars and Stripes for visitors to examine, a 12 ½ minute video featuring former Stripes correspondents Andy Rooney and Steve Kroft, and the following exhibits.

The Timeline Exhibit

From the 1861 Civil War issue to the present, the timeline displays The Stars & Stripes through the years. The timeline covers much of our U.S. history in The Stars & Stripes newspaper headlines.

Civil War Exhibit

On November 7th and 8th, 1861 approximately 3,000 Union troops arrived in the rebel town of Bloomfield.  Ten of those soldiers utilized the printing press of the Bloomfield Herald to create the first newspaper for soldiers, by soldiers. They called it The Stars and Stripes. The original 1861 issue is on display.

World War I Exhibit

Seventy-one weekly issues of The Stars and Stripes were printed in France during World War I under a mandate from General John J. Pershing to improve morale for soldiers stationed overseas. The museum has several bound volumes of all 71 issues for the perusal of any guest.

World War II Exhibit

 Covering the battlefields of Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific, The Stars and Stripes was the soldier's newspaper, printed in various locations as the frontlines advanced. G. I.'s treasured the newspaper's glimpses of home, humor, photos, pin-ups, cartoons, and sports as well as news from the battlefields. Exhibits feature these themes, various service branches, and an exhibit on the USS Arizona and USS Missouri. Many issues of The Stars and Stripes are on display. 

Korean War Exhibit

Photographs and Striper journalist artifacts illustrate aspects of "The Forgotten War." Conditions at the front are revealed in photographs of frontline soldiers and Stripes newspapers.

Vietnam War Exhibit

A photo essay of a firefight captured by photojournalist, Gary Cooper, and various artifacts with interpretation are on display.

Cold War Exhibit

Pieces of the Berlin Wall with accompanying interpretation, Stripes newspapers and photographs define this portion of the Cold War era.

Gulf War Exhibit

The soldiers serving in the Gulf War provided maps, scrapbooks, literature, and unusual materials for the displays which illustrates the conditions met by American soldiers.

Kosovo and Bosnia Exhibit

A collection of award-winning Stars and Stripes color photographs are on display.

War In Iraq Exhibit

Stars and Stripes newspapers covering this military operation are on display as well as some Afghan artifacts. Stars and Stripes reporter, Ron Jensen, is featured in this exhibit. Jensen has sent artifacts from Iraq and photos that are on display. 

In our library, we have the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (128 volumes), Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion (31 volumes), Confederate Military History (12 Volumes), The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865 (16 Volumes), and For Dixie Land I'll Take My Stand! A Muster Listing of All Known Mississippi Confederate Soldiers, Sailors and Marines (3 Volumes). 

Other than the Stars and Stripes newspaper offices, we have the largest collection of original Stars and Stripes newspapers, including several bound volumes of World War I newspapers, many of the World War II newspapers and we currently receive the most recent edition of the Stars and Stripes. We have books about the Stars and Stripes newspaper and books written by Stars and Stripes personnel. In addition, our library contains a good collection of military history.

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